History Of Military Robots

The history of military robots can be traced back to the times of World War II. During the time of World War II and the Cold War, these robots were in the form of German Goliath tracked and Soviet teletanks. It is also believed that military robots history can be dated back to the 19th century, precisely in 1898. The history begins with the invention of radio controlled boat intended for military use by Nicola Tesla. He offered his invention to US navy in order to produce radio controlled torpedoes but the navy refused his offer. Later, he offered his invention to the United Kingdom.

The next important step that gives a turning point in the history of military robots was in 1930-ties in the Soviet Union. Soviet Union made a remote controlled tank called as ‘teletank’. Later on the tank’s control system was modified and to control the tank electric relays and radio signals were used. Depending on weather and other conditions teletank could be controlled from 500-1500m away. The teletanks were equipped with DT machine guns, flamethrowers and smoke container to provide a smokescreen.

The used of Goliath which is a mobile landmine in World War II by the Third Reich's forces also marked a turning point in the history of military robots. Goliath was roughly 1, 50 m long, 0,85m wide and 0,6 m high. The first version of Goliath was Sd.Kfz. 302 (Goliath E). This goliath version have two battery driven 2,5 KW electro motors. However, the second version of goliath i.e. Sd.Kfz.303 or "Goliath V" was equipped with a gasoline engine since it could provide greater range and was cheaper. This is the history behind military robots.

At present the most commonly used military robot is the unmanned aerial vehicle IAI Pioneer and RQ-1 Predator. These robots can be armed with Air-to-ground missiles. We have also seen some propitious research in the field of artillery with an experimental weapons system named ‘Dragon Fire II’. This weapon automates the loading and ballistics calculations required for accurate predicted fire, providing a 12 second response time to artillery support requests. There have been some developments towards developing autonomous fighter jets and bombers. The above history of military robots will give a brief knowledge about these robots and how it has developed with the passage of time.

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