Current Use Of Military Robots

Today, almost all the military organizations take the help of military robots to carry out many risky jobs that cannot be handled manually by soldier. We have also seen a great development in military robots when compare to military robots in earlier time. At present, different military robots are utilized by many military organizations. Here, in this article we will discuss about the current use of military robots and its different kinds.

Given here is a brief description on the present use of military robots:

Daksh – Daksh is one of the most current military robots. It is an electrically powered and remote controlled robot which is used to locate, handle and destroying risky objects safely. The man role of this military robot is to recover improvised explosive devices. In short it is a vehicle for defusing bombs. The current use of military robots like Daksh has helped military organization in many ways. This robot can even climb stairs to reach risky materials. Moreover, it can also scan objects using its portable X-ray device.

Goalkeeper – As far as the current use of robots in military is concerned, we cannot leave behind Goalkeeper. This military robot is a Dutch close-in weapon system that helps to defends ships from incoming missiles as well as ballistic shells. This system generally comprises of autocannon and advanced radar that tracks incoming fires. It is an automatic system that can be also be deployed to protect airfields.

PackBot – PackBot is basically a series of military robots. The most recent base model of this robot is PackBot 510. This model utilizes a videogame-style hand controller make handier to young women and man. Configurations in this recent model include PackBot 510 with EOD bomb disposal, PackBot 510 with fast Tactical Maneuvering Kit; PackBot 510 with first responder kit, PackBot 510 with HazMat Detection Kit, PackBot 510 with Fido and PackBot 510 with REDOWL Sniper Detection Kit.

MARCbot - This is also one type of military robots that has been used to inspect suspicious objects. It is a low cost robotic platform, and it has been used in Iraq for the inspection of suspicious objects. This robot is one amongst the smallest and the most commonly used military robots. It looks like a small toy truck with an elevated mast on which a camera is mounted. The camera is utilized for looking behind the doors. It has the capacity to run 6 hours on a set of fully charged batteries and was developed with the input of soldiers in Iraq to meet their needs. However, the use of military robots today has helped the soldier to detect hazardous materials and objects.

Besides above mentioned military robots, there are also other kinds of military robots often used by the military organizations. These robots include Guargium, RQ-9 Predator B, RQ-1 Predator, TALON, Samsung SGR-A1 and Gladiator Tactical Unmanned Ground Vehicle. The above information on the current use of military robots will let you know the kinds of military robots used in recent era.

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