Development Of Military Robots


When we look into the history of military robots, we come to know that the use of robots begins from the time of World War II. So far there has been a huge development of military robots. At present, most of the military organizations use military robots to take risky jobs which are difficult to be handled manually by soldier. The development of advanced technology has led to the development of robots in military too. Today’s military robots usually employ the integrated system which includes video screens, sensors, gripper and cameras.

In the development of military robots, we can consider about US Mechatronics which has created or developed a working automated sentry gun and is presently developing it further for commercial as well as military use. As far as military robots development is concerned, we cannot forget MIDARS which is a four-wheeled military robot. This robot is outfitted with many cameras, radar, and a firearm that performs arbitrary patrols around a military base or other government installation automatically.

MIDARS alerts human over looker when it tracks down movement in unauthorized areas, or other programmed conditions. This military robot can also scan radio frequency identification tags (RFID). The information on the development of military robots also reveals that US scientist at MIT is further looking to make a mechanical super-fighter, which has the ability to heal its own wounds, leap buildings, deflect bullets and even become invisible" which will not be ready for at least ten years.

Since 2005, US Army has been developing an experimental robotic weapons system known as Autonomous Rotorcraft Sniper System. This weapon comprises of a remotely operated sniper rifle attached to an unmanned autonomous helicopter. It is motivated for utilization in urban combat or for several other missions that requires snipers. The flight tests were done in summer 2009. When we look into the further development of military robots, the "Mobile Autonomous Robot Software" research program was begun in December 2003 by the Pentagon who purchased fifteen Segways in an attempt to develop more advanced military robots. The program was part of a $26 million Pentagon program to develop software for autonomous systems.

In a nut shell, we can say that the development of military robots has come a long way. And it does not seem to stop here.

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